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May 12th 2007
Head on a Stick

Head on a Stick is now available to play online, via the Head on a Stick mySpace page.


Feb 5th 2007
Bug Squished!

The de-liced Head on a Stick is now on Game Jump and Mobile Rated. So if you download it from either from today, there should be no problems!

Feb 4th 2007
Bug Squishing!

Oh no! Our worst nightmare came true!

We have had a critical bug in Head on a Stick reported to us. If you manage to complete the last level with the music switched on then the game will hang. Sorry.

Well we got straight on it and found the problem - now it's fixed. Thanks to Samurai X and Mr. Lou for reporting it.

Please accept our apologies for this over-sight. You can blame our testers for being unable to get past the last level!

Feb 1st 2007
Game Snacks' Head on a Stick released

Head on a StickHigh octane head balancing action on your mobile phone!

You control the stick in this free Head Balancing sim featuring:

* Multiple levels with different backdrops and heads;
* Unique two-thumb Head Balancing gameplay;
* Four player turn-based competition mode;
* High scores, on your phone and online from www.rumblex.com;
* Free stick!

Balance a series of heavier and smaller heads, increasing the difficulty on each level. Travel the world and beyond balancing Heads on Sticks.

Balance the head by moving the stick - when the head wobbles to the right, press 6 and when it wobbles to the left, press 4. Best played with 2 thumbs.

Beware, this is very addictive!

New www.freegamesnacks.com web site coming soon!

Head on a Stick screenshot
Head on a Stick screenshot

Dec 12th 2006
Under Siege Studio introduces Game Snacks

A new innovation in Mobile Gaming. Game Snacks are simple, but fun mini-games. All feature online high score tables and multiplayer gameplay.

Game Snacks are available exclusively through www.gamejump.com for free, with advertising support.

Available so far are:

Shark Attack

For Help with any Game Snacks game, please use the Contact Form on this site.

Nov 10th 2006
Fruit Squash v1.2 is now available from ClickGamer.

Updated demos are also available from RumbleX and GetJar.

Nov 7th 2006
Fruit Squash v1.2 is undergoing final preparations for release.

Fruit Squash v1.2Orange Pixel will be handling the English-language version while Handinroll are preparing a localised Chinese-language version.

Updated demos and full version will soon be available from Getjar, RumbleX and ClickGamer.


Features updated graphics, new character that cheers you on and music!

Orange Pixel
Under Siege Studio

October 16th 2006
New web site launched.

October 10th 2006
Fruit Squash is now available.

Free Demos available from www.RumbleX.com and www.GetJar.com.

Full version available from www.ClickGamer.com.

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