About Fruit Squash and How to Play

How to play Fruit Squash

You are the new recruit at the Squash Factory. Hovering over the vat of squash is your work-space. Fruits are pushed down into your work space from the top.

It's your job to match up 3 or more identical fruits ready for squashing. You do this by rotating the rows of fruits left or right. Any matches will start flashing - they don't disappear immediately, as you might expect, but instead, you have to hit them with your squisher at the bottom end of the play area.

When you hit a flashing fruit, all the flashing fruits on the board will be squashed and mixed in to a new squash flavour. So, try to get as much of the board flashing as possible before pulping the fruit! Your new squash will be shown in the background.

One thing to note is you have to hit a flashing fruit directly to make squash. If you hit a fruit that is not flashing, it will be pushed back up the board instead. Experienced players may need to speed the game up from time to time, to do this, move to the top of the grid and keep tapping up.

When the fruits get to the bottom of the grid, the screen will shake, as a warning that it's nearly the end. If there is no space for new fruits to be pushed in to your production line, the whole thing will jam up and it's Game Over!

At the end you are given various statistics about your game and a final bonus relating to how well you did. You can then enter your name in to the high score table on your phone and even upload it to our global online high score table.


Normal controls are 2, 4, 6, 8 on your phone's keypad or the stick/direction buttons (if you have them) to move the hi-lighted square around the grid.

You will see the row and column of the square are also hi-lighted, to help out.

Use 7 and 9 to rotate the rows left or right. There are hints on screen anyway, so you can never forget this!

Use 5 or your phones usual fire button to fire the bottom squisher.

There are alternative controls also, such as 1 and 3 to rotate, and 0 or * to fire. So you are sure to find a set of keys that suits you. Experienced players can even play with one thumb!

Stylus Controls

Finally, if you are lucky enough to own a phone with a stylus, you can use it to control the game. This method is much quicker and easier than keys if you have it.

Simply drag the rows left and right with the stylus, as if you were drawing lines across the screen. And tap the stylus on any fruit you want to squash.

Nothing could be simpler!

What are you waiting for, download the demo now!

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